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Burnout Test

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Are you feeling drained or experiencing sleep issues? Our Burnout Test checks for serotonin and adrenal hormone imbalances (cortisol and DHEA), offering a comprehensive assessment in one convenient test.

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Who should take the test?

If you’re experiencing lethargy or sleep disturbances, feeling exhausted, burnt out, and don’t recognize yourself, this test is for you. Imbalances in serotonin or adrenal function are common triggers for these symptoms.

Our Burnout Test combines comprehensive saliva testing for adrenal hormones cortisol and DHEA, along with a urine test for serotonin levels, providing insights into the real causes of your health issues rather than simply treating symptoms with medication. The test assesses cortisol levels throughout the day to detect abnormalities in adrenal function, as well as DHEA levels in the morning and evening to understand hormonal balance. Additionally, serotonin levels are measured per gram of creatinine for accurate results unaffected by factors like hydration.

How does it work?

Once your order has been processed, you will be sent sample collection kits. You collect your samples from the comfort of your own home and send them back to us. We analyze your samples and send your results via secure email with a password protected PDF file.

What guidance will I get along with my results?

Following the completion of the analysis, you will receive a lab report that includes explanations for the analyzed markers and details on potential symptoms linked to imbalances. Additionally, we strongly advise that you discuss the results you receive from us with your healthcare provider or practitioner.

Moreover, you can find more information on our website, particularly in the various test categories under “health conditions” and FAQs. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us via email at contact@verisana.co.uk.

How is my privacy protected?

Samples for our tests are collected in the privacy of your own home. Both we and our partner laboratories (which may be contracted by us to conduct some or all analyses of your test) take customer privacy very seriously. You will be the sole person with access to this information, and we guarantee that we will not disclose your information to any unauthorized third parties. Additionally, all samples will be disposed of after analysis.

Test measures
For the Burnout Test Test we analyze:
  • 5x Cortisol (daily profile)
  • 2x DHEA (morning/evening)
  • Serotonin
5x Cortisol (daily profile)

A too high cortisol level can have adverse effects on health. Persistent stress can lead to adrenal fatigue, resulting in lowered cortisol levels and typical symptoms of adrenal exhaustion. Since cortisol production should follow a regular daily rhythm, measuring it throughout the day is crucial for the reliability of test results.

2x DHEA (morning/evening)

An elevated DHEA level can lead to cortisol deficiency. Therefore, it makes sense to measure both hormones together.


A serotonin deficiency can have significant effects on our physical and especially mental state. For a more precise result, we determine your serotonin level per gram of creatinine. Creatinine is an important indicator of urine concentration, so your serotonin level in relation to creatinine content provides an accurate picture without deviations due to factors such as your fluid intake.

Symptoms the Burnout Test is suitable for:
  • Sleep disorders
  • Fatigue/Exhaustion
  • Depression
  • Weight gain/Increased appetite
  • Difficulty concentrating
Sample collection guide

Please read the following instructions in detail, before starting with the sample collection.

Please download the first set of instructions here

Please download the second set of instructions here


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Any Questions?

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How can this test help me?

The test assesses cortisol, DHEA, and serotonin levels, providing insights into adrenal function and serotonin balance, which are often implicated in symptoms like fatigue, mood changes, and sleep disturbances. Understanding these levels can guide targeted interventions for improved health.

Who should consider taking this test?

Individuals experiencing symptoms such as fatigue, sleep disturbances, depression, weight changes, and difficulty concentrating may benefit from this test. It's particularly useful for those suspecting hormonal imbalances affecting their well-being.

How is the test performed?

The test involves saliva sampling for cortisol and DHEA assessment and a urine test for serotonin levels. Detailed instructions will be provided with the test kit, ensuring easy and accurate sample collection.

How often should I consider retesting?

Retesting may be recommended based on various factors. Your healthcare provider can advise on the optimal timing for retesting to monitor changes and adjust treatment as needed.

Can lifestyle factors influence test results?

Yes, lifestyle factors such as stress, diet, exercise, and sleep patterns can influence hormone levels. It's essential to maintain consistent lifestyle habits leading up to and during the testing period for the most accurate results.

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