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Verisana constantly strives to provide correct, up-to-date and complete information on our website. We assume no responsibility in the case of direct or indirect references from our website to other internet sites (so-called “hyperlinks”), which can be accessed either by link or other hints. We only link other sites which held no recognisable, illegal content at the time of the linking. As we do not have any influence on the present or future design, as well as on the contents or authorship of the linked sites, we expressly distance ourselves from the content of all linked pages that have been changed since the linking. This applies for links and references placed within our own internet offer, as well as third-party entries in our guestbooks, discussion forums, link directories, mailing lists and for all other types of database to which external write access is possible. Furthermore, we are not liable for any direct or indirect damage that is caused by the use or disuse of presented information, but rather the provider of the site which was referenced and not those who merely used the links to refer to its publication.

Image rights and Copyright:

The design, the logo, the used graphics as well as pictures and the entire contents of the Verisana internet offer are protected by copyright. The duplication as well as the use of the design, used graphics and pictures (also in edited form) in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without permission from the author.

Verisana Laboratories is part of Verisana GmbH, Germany.

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