Finding and resolving the root causes of health problems can be a long process. We have made it our mission to support our customers all the way on this journey. From choosing the right lab test to finding a suitable practitioner in your area – We are your partner on the path to better health.

Your test result provides information about the possible causes of your health complaints and explains the influences of the respective values ​​on your body. But they are only the first step – The next one is the right treatment by a competent practitioner. However, through our many years of exchange with our customers, we know that the last point in particular sometimes isn’t that easy.

Not the right practitioner at hand?

All the time we get customer requests, asking for advice because they have no suitable doctor or health practitioner who they can turn to after receiving the results of their lab test. Or they may have a family doctor or gynecologist, but they don’t feel taken seriously or feel that their doctor lacks experience when dealing with complex issues such as hormonal disorders or gut health problems. Some even desperately try to treat themselves. Please, refrain from doing that!

The treatment of hormonal disorders, intestinal problems or mineral imbalances is extremely complex and should only be done by an experienced therapist. Too great is the risk of aggravating the problem with an improper treatment attempt or of damaging other areas of the body.

How we support you

We want to prevent our customers from getting into this kind of situation. Through years of work in the health sector, we managed to establish a large network of partner practitiones. Among them are naturopaths, as well as doctors and nutritionists. This enables us to find a suitable specialist in your area.

All therapists in our network are specialists in their field. Therefore we can specifically refer you to a therapist who has e.g. experience in the treatment of hormonal disorders and is familiar with the evaluation of hormone saliva tests.

Our aim is to support you all the way and to ensure that you receive the best possible treatment after on of our lab tests. This also means that we do not accept any kind of commission from our partner practitioners in exchange for patients. Only the qualification and specialization of the therapists decide whether we recommend them to a patient as a suitable contact person.

How does it work?

In order to find a suitable specialist in your area, we need your place of residence and information about which health area you need treatment for (e.g. hormonal disorders). You can contact us via phone or send us an e-mail with the necessary information to You will then receive an e-mail with the contact details of a suitable therapist. Please understand this can take a few days.