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“Health starts in the gut” - a saying that most people are well acquainted with however, few people realise the importance of the intestine to our health.

As well as processing our food, the intestine is also particularly important to our immune system. Gut bacteria, which inhabits the gut, plays a particularly important role. Our gut is full of billions of different bacteria which dwell within the intestinal wall and mucosa. This colonisation of bacteria is known as gut flora. The bacteria protect the intestine from the growth of fungus and other disease-causing germs. They are essential for the production of important vitamins, provide nutrients for our intestinal mucosa, and support intestinal blood circulation, among other things.

The balance of gut flora can be damaged by various different things, such as taking antibiotics, an unbalanced diet, stress, taking cortisone medication and chemotherapy. A disturbance in the balance of our gut flora can lead to multiple symptoms: for example, a feeling of fullness, bloating, alternating bowel movements (constipation, diarrhoea), fungal infection, fatigue, weariness, and neurodermatitis.

With a gut flora analysis it is possible to examine how the bacteria living in the intestine are built up ie. which bacteria are living inthe gut. A gut flora analysis will show if the gut flora is intact or whether there is a disturbance. If the gut flora is disturbed, microbiological compounds such as lactic acid bacteria and E.coli bacteria can be consumed in order to restore the gut flora.

Verisana examines your gut flora using a stool sample. This can be easily collected in the comfort of your own home. A quantitative determination of the aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, Candida and mould, and the pH-value is carried out. In addition to the analysis of the gut flora, a mouth swab is also examined to determine Candida.

In addition to the gut flora analysis, Verisana also offer a more comprehensive stool analysis. With the comprehensive stool analysis your stool sample is examined to determine: 1.) Candida and mould, as well as an examination of a mouth swab to determine Candida in the oral cavities ; 2.) bacterial imbalance of the gut flora; 3.) pH-value of the stool; 4.) Maldigestion (decomposition of solid foods); 5.) Malabsorption (absorption capacity of the digested foods in the intestine); 6.) “Leaky gut“(intestinal permeability); 7.) Immune system of the intestines; 8.) Helicobacter pylori infestation. 

Only a single stool sample is required for the determination of all these parameters. A free mouth swab for the determination of Candida in the mouth is also included. Both can be easily collected by yourself, in the comfort of your own home.

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