Application fields of hormones

Salivary hormone examinations are applicable in different fields:

Psychology: Different psychological studies concerning stress and endocrinology have shown that the cortisol in saliva drastically increases when a subject is exposed to chronic stress. People who suffer from depression, who are in life-threatening situations or in socially disadvantaged groups belong to this section.

Stress Research: In stress research the connection between the patient’s perception of stress and the measurement of stress hormones in saliva is often examined.

The Diagnosis of Cushing's Syndrome: In addition to 24-hour-urine measurements, the cortisol levels measured in the evenings and mornings serve as a screening instrument to recognize a suspected presence of the Cushing's syndrome.

Sport Medicine: How do hormones change during sports activities? The measuring of hormones before, during and after exercise, or during the regeneration phase, is advisable.

Anti-aging Medicine: Weight, skin, hair, mood etc. all depend on the interaction between hormones.

Chronobiology (“The Inner Clock”): Melatonin and cortisol play an important role in the sleep-wake-rhythm of humans. In chronobiological research a number of studies use the measurement of melatonin and cortisol in saliva.

Nutritional Advice: Is the diet orientated in such a way that the body is able to produce a sufficient amount of hormones? Or is the diet too one-sided causing the body to produce more of certain hormones and less of others, resulting in an imbalance?

Veterinary Medicine: For the measurement of hormonal changes in the behavioral research of animals and fertility research in veterinary medicine.