Verisana is an analytical laboratory offering home-to-lab test kits for various different health complaints related to hormones, infections, and intolerances. We work with medical specialists such as doctors and alternative practitioners as well as end consumers.

The home-to-lab tests can be carried out in the comfort of the patients own home at a time which suits the individual. The tests we offer are minimally invasive and can often be used in conjunction with other holistic healthcare treatments. When the samples are returned to our diagnostic laboratory, they are then analysed and a report is created documenting the results of the tests for patients or medical practitioners. 

This is how it works:

If you have decided to carry out one of our tests, there are only a few remanining steps necessary.

This is how it works

Step 1:

First, choose your test and place your order on our homepage. Payment can be made via Credit Card and Paypal. The price includes the test kit, the laboratory analysis as well as the mailing of the results, direct to you. No further costs will arise for the laboratory analysis.

Step 2:

We will then send your test kit by post. The test kit includes all the required materials: test instructions, sample dispatch form, sample containers, tags for labeling, a protective bag and shipping envelope for return shipment.


Step 3 & 4:

Simply take the sample in the comfort of your own home then send your samples, together with the sample dispatch form, in the shipping envelope back to us.


Step 5:

We will analyse your samples and send you the results approximately 7-14 days after receipt in our laboratory. You will receive your individual values and where they lie, in comparison to the reference range.


Step 6:

The results can then be discussed with your doctor or practitioner.