Put an end to menopausal complaints like …

  • Hot flushes and night sweats
  • Sleeping disorders and consistent tiredness
  • Nervous tension
  • Mood swings / depressive moods
  • Forgetfulness and concentration difficulties
  • Water retention and weight gain
  • Itchy and dry mucous membranes
  • Hair loss

During the menopause the hormone levels are strongly affected and physical and psychological complaints are the results. Verisana measures the levels of the affected hormones and determines whether your levels are too high or too low.


Similar to the adolescent phase, our hormones ensure the radical physical and psychological changes that occur during the menopause. Although this age-related hormonal upheaval also affects men (andropause), women tend to suffer significantly more: The menopause lasts about two years, during which 90% of our hormones (the chemical substances that keep us alive and determine our mood) are lost.

The production of progesterone starts to decrease earlier than oestrogen, which disturbs the sensitive balance of the hormones. In this first phase, many women suffer from the symptoms of an oestrogen dominance – this means that, in relation to progesterone, too much oestrogen is being produced. Gradually, the ovaries also begin to reduce oestrogen production.

A balanced ratio between progesterone and oestrogen protects the body against various illnesses. As a result of this, a hormone deficiency or imbalance, as is the case during the menopause, can also have detrimental effects on our general health. Under medical supervision, this natural balance can be restored – through the intentional consumption of bio-identical hormones, for example. Appropriate oestrogen and progesterone creams are available in almost all pharmacies.

How Verisana can help

If you are suffering from menopause symptoms, we recommend using a saliva test to determine your hormone values. The sample needed can be easily obtained by yourself at home. The evaluation report is then sent in the post along with:

  • Your hormone values in graphical form – this makes it possible to decipher whether the values of the relevant hormones are within the reference range.
  • An easy to understand explanation regarding the functions of the tested hormones.
  • A summary of the complaints that can come from a deficiency or excess.


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