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Leaky Gut

The leaky gut syndrome affects in particular the small intestine, not the large one. But what does it mean when the small intestine is leaking?

The intestinal mucosa is a barrier between the intestinal contents and the blood circulation. When the barrier is intact, the intestinal mucosa allows only water and the necessary nutrients to pass into the bloodstream. In the leaky gut syndrome the intestinal mucosa becomes permeable – harmful substances pass unhindered into the bloodstream. The immune system reacts with inflammatory and allergic processes. 

Which symptoms can be caused by a leaky gut?

  • -Swollen stomach
  • -Flatulence
  • -Constipation
  • -Diarrhea
  • -Food intolerance
  • -Migraine
  • -Fatigue
  • -Sleeping disorders
  • -Contentration difficulties
  • -Chronic joint pain
  • -Chronic muscle pain

What can cause a leaky gut?

  • -Intake of antibiotics or cortisol
  • -Mykosis or viruses
  • -Unbalanced diet (too much sugar, softdrinks, etc.)
  • -Chemo therapie


Which tests can diagnose a leaky gut symdrome?

1. Zonulin Test

Zonulin is a protein molecule that helps with the regulation of tight junctions in your intestinal wall. When it connects to specific receptors on the cell surface, the tight junctions open up and therefore increase your intestinal permeability. This can be caused e.g. by being exposed to certain types of bacteria. The ensuing exposure to foreign antigens and cell components can cause immunological reactions and dysregulations. High zonulin values indicate a leaky gut.

2. Leaky Gut Test

For the Leaky Gut Test we do a comprehensive analysis of your gut. We check for mykosis, analyse your pH-value and your intestinal flora. Furthermore we analyse yourAlpha-1-Antitrypsin- and the sIgA-value. These two values are essetial for an intact intestinal mucosa and also show whether there is are any signs for inflammation.

The advantage of this test is that the more comprehensive analysis can also show the reasons behind your leaky gut syndrom. A leaky gut often goes hand in hand with e.g. Candida infections or an anbalances intestinal flora. So, knowing the causes of your leaky gut, you'll know where to start in order to restore your gut.

3. Leaky Gut Complete

The test Leaky Gut Complete combines our "Leaky Gut Test" and the "Zonulin Test".

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