It started so slowly that I didn’t notice it at first. I felt more and more exhausted and tired. Everyone has theses phases, you know, so at first, I didn’t think anything was wrong. I used to have a lot of stress at work. I am an editor, mostly working on economics and political topics. There were deadlines to be met and last-minute news that needed to go out. Sometimes I wouldn’t get enough sleep, or I’d still be online in the evening, doing some left-over work. Therefore, I felt exhausted, but the insomnia didn’t worry me too much.

My symptoms

However, as time went by, my condition started to affect my work. I couldn’t concentrate properly anymore, couldn’t sleep at night while at the same time I was barely able keep myself awake in the office at noon. I consulted my family doctor to get to the bottom of the cause. The appointment was very unsatisfactory. He basically told me that at my age, I can’t expect to be as fit as I was at 20 and that this was just a normal process. All my doubts were dismissed, even though he did at least agree to run some basic blood tests. I thought of maybe an iron deficiency, because that’s something I heard of before. However, the results came back okay and my doctor assured me everything was completely normal.

How I learned about Verisana Labs

I could not accept this statement. I didn’t know what was wrong with me, but I knew that this kind of exhaustion was not normal. It cannot be normal to be unable to work even after getting enough sleep. And maybe I was true that I wasn’t 20 anymore, but nowadays 50 is really not that old either. I became increasingly depressed and on some days I could barely get up to leave the house. A good friend researched for me and finally drew my attention to Verisana.

Diurnal Cortisol Test

Honestly, I didn’t even know that there was such a thing as lab tests for home use. I thought that was only possible with a doctor of some kind. But then again, I never had to think about this topic before. Since I was unsure which test was best for me, I just called the customer support. Because of my symptoms, I was recommended to choose the Diurnal Cortisol Test. Cortisol is a stress hormone produced in the adrenal glands. Because the concentration of cortisol is changing throughout the day, it is important to measure multiple values ​​throughout the day. Although I had not yet done the test, the phone call was very enlightening for me. I informed myself online about cortisol and the symptoms of adrenal fatigue and found myself in it. So I decided to do the test.

How it worked

The procedure was simple. The test kit with the sample tubes came to my house and after I collected the samples, I could just send it back to the lab. The time until I received my results seemed endless, but it was barely more than a week. The results were downright shocking. Almost all of my measured values ​​were far too low. I actually had adrenal fatigue. My first thought was, as it may be, that the doctor had not even started to mention hormones as a possible cause of my condition. My second thought was what to do with the result now. Luckily, I had read before that Verisana on request recommends doctors, naturopaths or health coaches. That was great for me, because I definitely didn’t want to go to this doctor again.

After the test

That way I got in contact with a naturopath in my area and made an appointment. I was relieved that he was familiar with these hormone tests and for the first time I felt my complaints were taken seriously. He took a lot of time to get an accurate picture of my lifestyle (work, sleep, diet and so on) and explained the causes of adrenal fatigue. Based on that, we made a plan of what had to change in my life. Unfortunately, that was a lot and I realized just how much my lifestyle had affected my body.


The two main points were 1. Reduce stress and 2. Change my diet. Stress in my case meant work stress. I took a step back and took a couple of weeks off before I renegotiated to a part-time contract. To be honest: this decision was not easy for me. But since I was barely able to work in my condition anyway, I had little choice. I reduced my working hours significantly and also changed my “after work behavior”, meaning no more work-related activities in the evening or at the weekend. I now deliberately put the phone aside as soon as I enter the apartment. I started long walks and light sports. I even tried yoga (because that’s good to relax, right?), but that’s just not for me. Instead, I discovered Nordic Walking through the nearby forest.

Point 2, the diet change, was a little easier. I now refrain from all stimulating drinks (coffee, energy drinks, coke) and sweets and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Since I work less, I finally have time to cook fresh every day. I didn’t really made time for that before.

How I feel today

The effects for almost as shocking as my test results: within no time I felt fitter and more awake. Meanwhile, my sleep disorders are history and I can fully concentrate on my work. The retest of my cortisol level also confirms what I feel: my values ​​have normalized after a good 3 months. Now it’s all about finding a healthy balance that keeps my adrenal glands stable long term. In a few days, I will start working full-time again, but I will maintain my healthy lifestyle, leave my work in the office, and continue to eat healthy. I am grateful to be as efficient as before with the help of Verisana and my naturopath, without any medication whatsoever. My recommendation to anyone is to take your health into your own hands. Don’t let yourself be put off and be persistent. Ask a hundred times or find someone who is willing to listen.