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AdrenoCort Balance

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AdrenoCort Balance

This test requires seven saliva samples taken at timed intervals throughout the day. It measures levels of diurnal cortisol (5x), DHEA (1x) and progesterone (1x). This type of test is recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for the determination of hormones.

You will receive an evaluation report with your personal hormone levels. In addition we will explain the effects of the tested hormones. 

The test kit includes:

  • 1 x instructions for the collection of the saliva
  • 7 x saliva containers
  • 7 x straws
  • 7 x labels for the samples printed with “name, date, time”
  • 1 x protective bag
  • 1 x shipping envelope

1. Please remove the saliva tube (straw) and the sample container from the packaging. Then put the saliva tube in your mouth and use it to transport your saliva into the sample container. (Image 1)

2. Fill the container at least halfway (if possible ¾), excluding the foam from the measurement. If you have collected to much foam then put the saliva container in the freezer for 2-3 minutes and then tap the container so that the foam separates itself from the saliva liquid. Now close the lid of the sample container. (Image 2)

3. Please label all the sample container as well as the enclosed symptoms form, with your first and last name, the date and the time. (Image 3)

4. Put the samples in the shipping envelope and send them to our laboratory. (Image 4)